Full List of Kara Sevda Cast

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With two seasons and a total of 74 episodes, and each episode's duration of more than 2hrs, Kara Sevda Cast played their characters to perfection without a doubt. All of them fit their roles and they made us like or dislike them throughout the series with their brilliant acting skills. We

Links To Kiralik Ask English Subtitles Season 2

The last episode had us going through so many emotions. It made us happy, laugh, nervous, sad and then left us anxiously waiting. ⚠ SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T YET WATCHED SEASON 1 ⚠ Click here to watch Kiralik Ask English Subtitles season 1 Okay now

Top 5 Favorite Kara Sevda Songs List

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There's no denying that every background song of Kara Sevda series was special and suited the scenes they were played on.❤ Even if you don't know much Turkish like me, these songs had amazing music to get those feels. And some of the songs were subtitled in English episodes only made

Kara Sevda Behind The Scenes: Watch Kemal Nihan Have Fun On-Sets

Kara sevda actors on sets

After watching the end of Kara Sevda, I (Mint aka the admin of this site) was first shocked😮, then disappointed😣, and later truly frustrated😡 at the writers for giving us such a bitter end of NihKem. 🚩ALERT!! HUGE SPOILER AHEAD. People who aren't done with the series kindly skip straight to

All You Need To Know About BURAK OZCIVIT 😎

burak ozcivit 2018

He is one of the most handsome Turkish actors and is famous worldwide with close to 12 million followers on Instagram. He gained immense popularity after his lead role in drama series called Kara Sevda. And, here's all you need to know about Burak Ozcivit: 🚩NOTE: This is a complete bio of Burak Ozcivit with

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