Burak Ozcivit as Kurulus Osman Actor: 5 Reasons Why is The Perfect Choice For The Lead Role

Dirilis Ertugrul is without a doubt one of the most popular Global historical dramas that’s being watched in around 65 countries and it is going to have a sequel called Kurulus Osman which will be starring our beloved Kara Sevda Actor Burak Ozcivit, and THIS NEWS is like the cherry on top.

And, so we’ll be listing 5 reasons to validate why Burak Ozcivit as Kurulus Osman actor is the most perrrfect choice.😍

But, before we do that let’s cover some basic info about what Dirilis Ertugrul is about and what Kurulus Osman is going to be about.

Dirilis Ertugrul/ Resurrection Ertugrul produced by Mehmet Bozdag is Turkish historical drama series about a 13-century warrior called Ertugrul Ghazi and his life.

The heroic story of the series is full of plot twists, Turkish music, beautiful cast, and middle east culture which is truly refreshing. ❤👏

The series has ended in May this year and will come back with Kurulus Osman as a sequel. It will narrate the story of Osman, the founder of the great Ottoman empire who is the son of Etrugrul and Halime.

The shooting has already begun and Kurulus Osman is expected to release in September 2019.

Now, back to why our favorite Burak Ozcivit (read about him as Kurulus Osman actor in lead is the best fit for this role:


burak dirilis osman actor

According to history, Osman Gazi had wheatish complexion, hazel eyes, thick eyebrows, round face and was tall. And, Burak looks a lot like the original, except maybe round face.


bali bey actor

He’s got the experience of playing historical roles and that makes him more suitable, for example, he played the strong and fierce Bali Bey’s character in The Magnificient century.


top turkish actor

He’s played very versatile roles in his career like a brave soldier in Can Feda movie, an emotional & romantic person in second-chance drama Kara Sevda, Doctor in historical romance drama Calikusu, a man possessed in horror movie Musallat to the fun character in Kardesim Benim, which confirms he can pull his role excellently.


osman actor

He is a thorough well cultured and suave gentleman with a strong decent personality, which we think will transition into his role very well. He is a dedicated actor and is already working hard on skills like horseriding for his role.

P.S. You can witness his personality in the paparazzi clips on YouTube.


who is dirilis osman actor

This would have been our topmost reason, but we kept it for last and we can’t help but squeal out of joy writing this point.

Burak can captivate you with his intense eyes, and we guarantee this because we’ve seen his emotional acting in Kara Sevda. He is very convincing with his expressions on his handsome face. So, just imagine what a delight it would be to watch him play Kurulus Osman’s actor in lead.

🙋‍♀️Alright! These were our 5 reasons as to why Burak Ozcivit is the best choice for Kurulus Osman.

And HEY, we do realize that as an audience we do inevitably compare actors to the figure they are portraying, and so it’s natural that some of you may disagree or have a better actor in mind. And if so then do let us know in comments 😇

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    1. Haha! lazy sleaze!!😂 I actually have to admit that after Kara Sevda I felt the same. In fact, his weight gain was noticeable from season 2 and was a lil disappointed to see him in same suits which in season 1 looked super fine. Anyway, for the historical role of Emperor Osman, I think this bulked-up version of Burak is the perfect fit, especially with his beard and hairstyle.😍

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