5 Romantic Turkish Dramas To Watch During COVID 19 Quarantine

We people around the world are battling against coronavirus by self-isolating in our homes, and with so much free time we are watching all the dramas and movies for which we never got much time.

This is also kinda helping us with much-needed escapism and hope to get through this with time.

Here is a list of our favorite 5 romantic Turkish dramas to watch during COVID 19 quarantine:

1. Kiralik Ask

kiralik ask english

This equally hilarious and romantic Turkish drama is what you need during COVID 19 quarantine. The characters and the actors who played it kept us hooked.

It follows the story of Defne who gets into a deal with a wealthy shoe designer’s Omer’s aunt, to make him fall in love to pay her brother’s debt.

You can find links to Kiralik Ask episodes with English subtitles on our website too.

2. Ask Laftan Anlamaz

Another Rom-com drama with the gorgeous cast, and having a love-hate story about a country girl Hayat and her boss Murat.

This drama is known for having the best chemistry between the lead actors and has got fans around the world. It’s our favorite feel-good romantic Turkish drama to watch During COVID 19 quarantine.

3. Kara Sevda

kara sevda english subtitles

How is a list of our favorite romantic Turkish dramas complete without Kara Sevda on it?

Seriously, guys, this is the best Turkish drama out there which will make you feel so many emotions and especially of hope.

It’s a second chance love story of Kemal and Nihan who despite all hardships strive to be together. There’s a villain or an anti-hero (our opinion) Emir who you might like too, just watch and be the judge.

4. Siyah Beyaz Ask

You will love this one if you love anti-heroes or a bad guy falling for a sweet yet strong woman.

It’s a story about a doctor who meets a cold-blooded killer and then gets into a marriage of convenience with him.

5. Kuzey Guney

This one is a little different from the rest in the list as it’s heavier or on drama compared to romance. But the cast and acting of all are simply brilliant.

The story is kind like a love triangle with two brothers one good and one bad, who fall for the same girl. Please don’t prejudge and just watch the drama to know the relation between the characters.

That’s all of our 5 favorite Romantic Turkish dramas to watch during COVID 19 quarantine, each one is different yet special.

We would recommend watching them all with your siblings, partner or even with the whole family.

You can find links to a few dramas on our website, while rest is just a Google search away.


Let us know which one your most favorite in the comments below and do SHARE THE IMAGE ABOVE with friends and family.

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