7 Lessons For The Confused Women In Their 20s


Aren’t these the glorious years of ‘freedom’ we all look forward to during our rebellious teenage years?

Living with our parents, having arguments with them about just anything and everything, going to school and making plans with friends about college, career, and relationships, just so when we’re in our 20’s we can feel free, independent, make big decisions, and live that ideal life.

But slowly as you enter your twenties you start to feel confused and lost because not everything you planned is going as per your timeline or what you thought of your college life, career, and relationship to be.

Eventually, this confusion creates a feeling of unworthiness. and then down you go the rabbit hole of self-doubt and other insecurities, which is perfectly NORMAL.

Now even though it’s normal, you should keep in mind a few tips to avoid being that lost and confused women in her 20’s.

lessons for girls in their twenties

So, here are the 7 lessons/tips we have for you all the confused women in their 20s:


Should I have smiled? They must think I’m weird. Maybe I should’ve said that instead.

The embarrassment, regrets, self-judgment, and disappointment is all due to overthinking about problems that don’t exist in the first place, and lack of self-acceptance.

So, the best way to overcome is to train your mind to move on from situations, because what’s done is done and you’re the way you are. Unique.


Work for and on things you’re passionate about. Start multiple businesses and fail, or try multiple jobs and quit.

You’re in your twenties so just hustle until you hit big, and see the money that comes your way once you follow your passion without fear of failure.


girls in twenties

You’re in your prime years, girl. Explore and experience the most in your 20’s.

Take up new hobbies. Learn new skills. Try new cuisines and styles. Learn about the world, people, and cultures. Watch dramas and documentaries. Read books of new genres. Travel local or global. Just open up and say yes to things.


In your 20’s you will make the most connections with people of different personalities, so know them well to have a healthy relation.

Learn to see them beyond their exterior beauty. Stop and understand why they said this or that, or why they acted differently than usual. Love their little things, habits, and understand it’s what makes them different.

And, if a few people are toxic for you, then let them go ASAP.


Thinking you need to have everything is one of the root problems of the confused women in their 20’s.

Nobody has everything ever.

Being in your 20’s doesn’t mean you should have all things figured out about that ideal college life, that great job or that perfect relationship. Relax and do learn to accept your situation, and think of solutions instead. If ‘solutions’ not working then leave it, you tried and that’s a big deal!


Genuinely invest in yourself, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. These years and the little habits formed in them can shape you for a lifetime. Change yourself for better, try new habits every month, go for a trip, in fact, spend some money even for your materialistic wants like clothes, a nice watch, bags and so on, if you think you will feel good. Have no regret for some self-indulgence, but don’t overdo it.


Best ever quote. Short yet powerful.

You need to take action to battle the indecisiveness in our 20’s because we do have a lot of choices and a lot of pressure to do the right thing. And all that stems from fear, which is always present but to overcome you first need to recognize it, and then just do what you wanted to, say what you want, wear what you want. Make ‘just do it’ your mantra!

But the thing is taking a break can be addictive so make sure at that time you think about your plans too. Step back and reevaluate, find solutions or change your plans.

Laslty, make 20’s your best years, be selfish, be fearless, and just be you.

Hope you guys like the post, we tried something different than dramas, so do comment and let us know.

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