All You Need To Know About BURAK OZCIVIT 😎

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He is one of the most handsome Turkish actors and is famous worldwide with close to 12 million followers on Instagram. He gained immense popularity after his lead role in drama series called Kara Sevda. And, here’s all you need to know about Burak Ozcivit:

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NAME: Burak Ozcivit

top turkish modelBIRTHDAY: 24 December, 1984

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AGE: 33


burak ozcivit

OCCUPATION: Actor & Model

WIFE: Fahriye Evcen



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NET WORTH: 3 Million

CARS: Range Rover & Mercedes G series

PARENTS: Bülent Özçivit, Ceyhan Özçivit 

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SISTER: Burcun Acelya


Degree from Marmara University



burak ozcivit musallat

Musallat (2007)

Zarafa (2013)

Aşk Sana Benzer (2015)

Kardeşim Benim (2016)

Kardeşim Benim 2 (2017)

Can Feda (2018)


Eksi 18 (2006)

Zoraki Koca (2007)

Baba Ocağı (2008-09)

 İhanet (2010)

 Küçük Sırlar (2010-11)

Muhteşem Yüzyıl (2011-13)

Çalıkuşu (2013-2014)

Kara Sevda (2015-17)  * Links of all Episodes to this awesome drama on our website!


GQ Men of the Year Awards – The most popular man of the Year (2017)

Turkey Youth Awards – Best Cinema Actor (2016)

 Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards – Best Actor (2016)

Bilkent Television Awards – Best Actor (2015)

Elle Style Awards – Actor Of The Year (2014)


  • In 2005, he was named the second best model in the world.
  • He started as a model (2003-2007) and later moved on to acting in TV series.
  • He went to South Korea to attend Seoul Drama Awards for which Kara Sevda won the best TV series award.
  • He was dating his girlfriend while filming Calikusu. He later married the lead actress of the same series.
  • His wife Fahriye Evcen is a half German.

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20 thoughts on “All You Need To Know About BURAK OZCIVIT 😎

  1. Kara Sevda is at the moment showing in South Africa with the actors speaking Afrikaans. It is very popular and the ladies are swooning over Kemal.We even have a very active Afrikasns Facebook page.

    1. I wonder how Afrikaans dubbed Kemal sounds like😉 and it’s amazing how there are so many fans of this show in SA and on different platforms♥️

  2. Happy for those getting to see he show. I don think I’d like the dubbing. I’d rather read subtitles and hear their natural voices. Loved the series. I am looking forward to seeing Barak Özçivit as Osman this fall. 👏🏻❤️

    1. I too prefer to see original dramas with subtitles, but out of curiosity I like to experience how characters sound in different dubs. And I can’t wait to see Burak in a different character as well, though nothing can compare to lovestruck Kemal in my opinion 😍 hope we get to see him more and more♥️

  3. I’ve enjoyed Kara Sevda so much, watching it in Spanish. I would like to see Burak Ozcivit as the next 007 James Bond.

  4. I too learned about Kara Sevda from our local tv network.but only from season 2. Dying to know what happened in season 1 i mmediately watched online for hours on end.and i prefer their own voices which is sooo much better. With subtitles of course.. And today i am busy watching the finale with bated breath..❤❤❤..oh u can watch Kemal in a historical drama called Kurulus Osman…excellent viewing

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