Kara Sevda 52 English Trailer

Kara Sevda 52 English Trailer Subs below:

Kemal: Deniz’s hands are my hands, her eyes are my eyes…her soul is my soul, my blood.
Kemal To Leyla: How can she do this to me?…I will take away my child from them!!

Kemal to Nihan: How can you not tell me?How can you hide this from me?…How can you hide her for over a year??…Tell me!!

Emir: I had never thought it would be possible to love Deniz this much, but it happened.

Kemal: I cannot stand this man spending time with my child.

Nihan: Kemal! Kemal, for our daughter…he will kill…I beg you!

Zeynep: Don’t come here again, I don’t want to see you

Nihan: Kemal, we will go nowhere.

Kemal: We will! I don’t plan to leave you and my daughter with him.

Nihan: I don’t want Deniz in the middle of this war.Not today, not tomorrow

Kemal: Then decide, Nihan..you are coming with us or staying with him.

Did you read/watch what happened in Kara Sevda 51 Episode?.Deniz Soydere!!


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