Links To Kara Sevda In English Season 2

So, you’re done with Kara Sevda Season 1?

Wasn’t the last episode of season 1 which is 35th episode EPIC, even though it was a cliffhanger?

We think the end of the first season was bound to be the way it was, after all, it’s Kara Sevda the most watched and loved romance drama that hasn’t failed to take us on an emotional roller coaster in each episode. So, there was no escaping from cliffhanger last episode to keep us all waiting for season 2.

*Watch Season 1 of Kara Sevda with English Subtitles if you still haven’t or missed an episode.

If you’ve watched, continue reading…


In the last episode, watching Nihan cry for her brother Ozan was heart-wrenching. And then to watch Kemal see her like that was even worse.😢 Also, we loved how Kemal caught up to all the lies Zeynep told and how he dealt with her.

Neslihan nailed her role. 👏If none of the other scenes of her convinced you of her acting skills then last one sure did. Right?

Burak, as usual, did his magic with his beautiful eyes, especially in the last scene where he is shocked and has tears in eyes that had us swooning.😍

Lil off topic but, Burak Ozcivit is simply the most charismatic person both on & off screen and you might wanna learn more about him. Like who was his girlfriend?

Well, it is time to watch Kara Sevda season 2 with English subtitles, which has lots of twists and we’re sure guys who haven’t watched season 2 are dying to know when & how will Kemal know about Deniz.😁

So wait no more, here are the UPDATED links to all the Kara Sevda In English Season 2, make sure you SHARE:

If you wish to watch subtitled trailers, Behind the scenes and summary updates, visit our YouTube channel Kara Sevda Episode Updates. There’s even a Kara Sevda Character Quiz which you can take.

If you are a bookworm & liked Kara Sevda’s story then you might want to read second chance romance books. We’ve made a list of such books as Kara Sevda is based on lover’s reuniting after long years of separation and these books are the top must-read for such storylines.

All links should work fine. If not you can also visit for other alternate links.

***All credit goes to Johnny Ozturk for translation the series and uploaders of Wlext ***

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120 thoughts on “Links To Kara Sevda In English Season 2

  1. hello your site is perfect but from the episode 44 I can not see them it does not work.
    what can I do?

  2. The episode links still do not work and I also need the converts for a friend.
    Can you help me ?

      1. Even this is season one ..This is’nt season 2 …All episodes are available on youtube also …We need season two links please

    1. Stupid ending going through all the trouble to fight for love… Kemal should have lived for his effort….

      1. SPOILER!!!⚠️

        Agree! It was so frustrating to see Kemal’s end and that too to have same fate as Emir. All would have been so much more special if only we got a happily ever after🤷‍♀️

        1. At the end if we had to see Kemal’s end, than whats the point for so much of struggle. Really not happy and convinced with the Could have been better and proved more of endless love. Calling it one my fav turkish drama changed my mind with the endings……LOLZ

        1. I just finish watching this movie and the ending make me cry alot😭😭😭😭 love from Malaysia 💋

    1. I use chrome as well and I just checked the links are working fine…did you click on ‘proceed to video’ at the bottom of link page?.. or else try unblocking adblock or use vpn.

  3. Hello Mint thank you for taking the time to look into my issue i got the links working it just take some time once loaded it works. Im so hooked to this show thank you again for making this site available

  4. Greeting from South africa @mint im trying to watch ep 56 it keeps on taking me to youtube that does not work any idea as to what can be wrong

    1. Hi! The links are working fine for me. Once you visit the link click on ‘proceed to video’ . If still not able to access, try using VPN as the video might be blocked in your region.

  5. God! I can’t stop crying!
    Shit ending though! I would’ve loved for Kemal and Nihan to live happily after, after everything they (as well as the fans) went through for 74 episodes. It’s so frustrating but If I didn’t love these characters so much I would’ve said that it was a well rounding off…not your usual ending.
    Either way great job to the writers for creating such a beautiful story. And a BIG thanks to Jonny Ozturk for the English translation.

    1. Yep! we were just as sad, angry and shocked as you are now. It was actually more worse to see Kemal have same end as Emir. Anyway, forget the end and go with the one you had wished/imagined.😉 It helps. A lot.

    2. Actually, after watching the drama end the way it did, we literally went through those five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. And, this one would be relatable to everyone who really invested in Kemal’s story. Also, thank you for your comment😘

  6. Hey Mint i finish the last episode today my wife is in tears ….. thank you for making this site avail and for maintaining it im sure there will be alot of south Africans that will watch on this portal … thank you and greetings from Cape town

    1. So so glad that you guys enjoyed these series, and through our website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your appreciation. Also, love to have South Africans on our platforms, super sweet people.❤😍

  7. A huge thanks to you for making it possible for us to watch these series.
    Also I saw some trailers on YouTube about a season 3, I so hope this is true.

    1. Thanks to you! It’s lovely to have you on our website and appreciate. And, I too have watched some fan-made trailers, they look so convincing and give me hope as well for season 3. Wish the writers and makers of Kara Sevda decide to make another season.🙏

  8. Hi!!!! None of these episodes work any more?????? Please help !!!!!!! 😢 I was at 50th episode and non of them work anymore, it says “Not Found”

  9. i am soooo so so so grateful for this website! i was on episode 45 of Kara Sevda and today, right now, the links stopped working??? is it just me? i tried everything but the links don’t work anymore! ;( HELP!!!!

  10. Hi there I am on episode 65 and since Friday the link keeps saying not found please help,which other link can I use or can u please help fix . Thanks

    1. Links have been updated, try watching now. And, VPN process is easy, it just sounds difficult. All you need to do is Google ‘hide me’ and visit the website below and paste your link and click ‘hide me’. That’s all.

  11. Us South Africans are simply dying…. Please update the links again from episode 57 please I’m so curious.

    1. Really sorry for the delay, just updated them all. And, I’m aware how Fans in SA have to anxiously wait for each episode and season of Bitter soet. We had to wait long too, so we totally relate.😣

  12. First of all, Thank you so much for the translations and uploading <3 Could it be that Episode 54 is missing? Episode 53 is still correct, but when clicking on 54 the 55th episode appears.

  13. I enjoyed the whole season 2 but I didn’t expect this ending coz I imagined Niham & Kemal growing old together and the entire Emir family behind the bars

    1. Oh well! we’re in the same boat, that ending was a shock. It’s probably a little twisted but I imagined a happily ever for Emir and Zeynep as well, like only after they paid for their evilness though. 💁‍♀️

  14. Hi. Starting from episode 58 it’s just loading with title picture. I tried VPN. From US please help with links. Thanks.

    1. Hello! sorry for the late response but link is working fine for me, just refresh and there should be ‘proceed to video’ button on the page or a play button on picture. Also, try pausing ads block if you have it installed.

  15. wow, so many sleepless nights hooked on this series to end like this 🙁 hope he jumped off & somehow survived for a season3!!! My grandma is not going to be happy when she sees it on Univision Boston LOL ty for the links & translation

    1. ROFL🤣 Then maybe he comes back with some plastic surgery in season 3. Grandma’s probably gonna curse the show writers like many of us after watching the end. And you’re so welcome, loved your comment.😘

  16. the best story ever that I’ve watched… sleepless nights cannot stop watching. episode 51 link is not working…

  17. Hello! I was watching without any problem but it seems that episode 53 and forward are not working. Could you check if something is wrong? Thank you

  18. Although it was interesting to watch but some things was missing. too much struggle but result zero, every police was sold, every things could done by a single criminal person but whole police department cannot do any thing. it also indicate that how poor condition of police department of Turkish. ending was bored only panic but gain nothing.

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