RomCom Turkish Drama: Kiralik Ask English Subtitle Love For Rent

Alright! so we’re back after a looong time with a recommendation of a very fun Turkish drama and this one is just so so so different from Kara Sevda because it’s a rom-com drama and has very little of all that intense drama and actually has no villains like Emir of Kara Sevda in it.

Kiralik Ask English Subtitle as Love For Rent has got to be the one of very few romcom series we watched that stuck to its genre throughout its seasons. There wasn’t an episode that hadn’t made us laugh even when the romantic side of it got a little serious towards, and all because of interesting supporting characters.

The series is about the handsome, suave and wealthy shoe designer Omar and Defne who is an epitome of the girl next door, sweet, lively and simple. The story is a little cliche but the execution is what hooks you.

Neriman & Koray

The chemistry between lead characters and the casting of all characters is perfect. Omar and Defne are adorable and unforgettable, you’ll love them from their first scene together. Also, the other two characters we loved are Koray and Neriman, their scenes will make you ROFL.

The only downside to this series is that it can be a little drag in between, but that’s same for all Turkish series with their super long episodes.

However, you must watch it if you enjoy light-hearted, comedy, office romance, jealousy, drama, second chances, rich guy poor girl kinda story, possessive alpha heroes, bromance and strong heroines.

Here is a quick detail of the series along with a few
Kiralik Ask English subtitled favorite scenes ❤:


Defne is in dire need of money because of her brother’s debt and is hired by Omar’s aunt Neriman to make him fall in love and marry him. Will Omar marry her? Can Defne keep her secret? And, will Omar forgive her?

Kiralik Ask English Sub Trailer :

Seasons: 2

Number of Episodes :s1.52 eps & s2.17 eps

Written By : Meriç Acemi

Cast :

Defne – Elçin Sangu
Omar – Baris Arduc
Sinan – Salih Bademci
Pamir – Seçkin Özdemir
Neriman – Nergis Kumbasar
Koray – Onur Büyüktopçu
Yasmin – Sinem Öztürk

Favorite Fan Compile Clips:

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Hope you guys enjoy this drama, below are the links to Kiralik Ask English subtitles season 1 & 2 :-

Links to Kiralik Ask English Subtitle season 1

Links to Kiralik Ask English Subtitle season 2

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    1. The links are all of HD quality and with subtitles. I would recommend you to watch from the links rather than on YouTube becausee of quality and translation.

  1. We have been watching Love for Rent turkish series with english subittles and after episode 25 it stopped and we are unable to see more. Can you please tell us how we can continue this series? ???

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