BIG Q: When will we get to watch Kara Sevda on Netflix?

To re- watch Kara Sevda on Netflix will be a dream fulfilled for us and many other fans who enquire about it on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

kara sevda on netflix

It would get so simple for thousands of fans across the world to watch Kara Sevda Netflix as they wouldn’t have to search for subtitled links or join groups or request people to translate.

And, we are serious about this because we struggled to watch each episode and had it not been for translators like Johnny Ozturk, we would not have been able to watch Kara Sevda and it would never have gotten this huge audience.

We wish the distributors and production company of these series put it on Netflix for all people around the world to watch in their regional language rather than releasing in one country at a time, that too without making it available online.

The only few sources of subtitled episodes we have, keep getting copyright notices or are taken down.

So, in short, we need Kara Sevda on Netflix ASAP. It’s hassle-free and ethical.

Now coming to the big question of when would we get to watch Kara Sevda on Netflix. The answer is we don’t know yet. 💁‍♀️

But the good news is it might be on Netflix by this or next year as per our analysis and if we go by the rumors. 🤔 Hoping to hear some official announcement on this. Also, the series may be titled as ‘Endless Love’ or ‘Blind Love.

watch kara sevda netflix

All we do is hope that fans around the world get to watch and re-watch Kara Sevda Netflix soon, and also, get to discuss on social platforms and get more audience and attention to this beautiful series.

IN FACT other awesome Turkish Damas like Kiralik Ask, Icerde, Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne? , Ask Laftan Anlamaz should also be made available on Netflix of all regions.

Let us know if you agree or disagree or have any NEWS ON THIS in comments below.😁👇

34 thoughts on “BIG Q: When will we get to watch Kara Sevda on Netflix?

  1. I agreed!!! Lets sign a letter and ask for it!! After all Netflix is the only way we might be able to watch it and translated at least in English!! , the only channel showing the best series from Turkey!!!.

      1. BRING CALIKUSU english sub and KARA SEVDA english sub back on Netflix SAP THAN KYOU Signed Luisa Zara ,Vancouver BC CANADA

  2. Yes I agree to watch on Netflix. I live in south africa & every time they repeat season 1 but not 2nd season I watched on utube then it was no longer available in our country

    1. I’m a little aware of Bitter Soet telecast and how season 2 is still not shown, but you can watch season 2 on this website with eng subs. And whenever it releases on Netflix you can rewatch. I’m waiting for it as well.

  3. I was referring to kara sevda which in south africa in afrikaans BITTERSOET with english subtitles, I’m English-speaking so pls have on Netflix in english. Will be appreciated by so many south african. Thank you

    1. Hey! guess Netflix might put with Spanish subs too whenever they do. Hope they do it soon. Btw, suggest me some good Spanish telenovelas like Kara Sevda, please.

  4. We need amor eterno on Netflix in english subtitles like they did for velvet. This is the most amazing telenovela I have ever seen. My friends who dont speak spanish need to watch this. Kemal and nihan are the best!!!

  5. Yes please, add Endless Love with Burak Ozcivit on Netflix so the whole world will fall in love with Iran and Neslihan beautiful story. 😭

  6. I ‘ve watched most of season 2 on you tube in turkish [don’t speak turkish ] now I watch season 2 in spanish on Univision {don’t speak spanish either] just to know families,whose who. I think is sad that all my friends in Europe watched it years ago and on regular channel like here on Univision and we are not able to see it.Netflix added lots of crap for this year, and show one or two seasons and you have to wait ,and wait to see the last seson.It happened with Ezel,very good series but the last season nowhere to find .Thank god it was on you tube [turkish ] and since i so the spanish version { Yago ] I new the end.Still waiting for last season for The last kingdom and so many more.This is why people leave Netflix. I’m watching Fatmagul now on Telemundo in spanish with same actor that is on Netflix in Black love money. Another good serial. What’s abundance on Netflix is what sells, crime movies,sex, drugs ,no talent.So, we hope we can watch some decent shows with beautiful ,talented actors that keep their clothes on and still keep us glued to TV

  7. I am not a fan of soap operas but I really got into this one. Actors and storyline are superb and I want to watch the whole series from beginning to end in english. Netflix, stop with the junk and make this great series available.

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